RIMAP European Risk Management Professional Certification



Be the Risk Manager of the 21st Century

by joining a dynamic learning path


Why should I take the FERMA Rimap certification?

FERMA RIMAP certification is unique because it provides:

  1. an independent confirmation of your professional competences and experience

  2. a European standard developed by European risk managers and recognized by FERMA's 22 risk management member associations

  3. a continuous dynamic learning path: earn CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points by participating to FERMA licensed events


Start with your certification exam and stay up to date on the latest risk management trends and strategies with a continuous professional development programme


What happens next once I'm certified? 

The nature of the risk manager profession is highly linked to ever evolving risks and constantly fast- paced changes.

Therefore the FERMA rimap certification has been designed as a continuous and dynamic learning path to respond to risk managers' future educational needs.

Whether you're an experienced or a junior risk professional, whatever your background as a risk professional is, and wherever your risk management career is heading to, all risk professionals have a duty to stay in contact with the evolution of the risk landscape.  


It's now time to seize your opportunity to become the 21st century Risk Manager!


What you need to know about FERMA RIMAP Certification at a glance, read our flyer: 


ferma rimap flyer cover

Am I eligible? 

In order for your application to be accepted, you need to have a minimum education level combined with a corresponding number of years of experience in Risk Management.

You are eligible if you have a:

  • Master's degree + 3 years in a full-time equivalent risk management position

  • Bachelor's degree or below + 5 years in a full-time equivalent risk management position


More information below with our Candidate Information Guide: 

candidate guide cover


What do I need to study?

Four sets of learning material developed by FERMA's team of risk experts are available online following enrollment.

FERMA and ANZIIF have developed a series of four modules to help the candidate study the first four blocks of the Body of Knowledge.

The four modules are :

  1. Essentials of risk management

  2. Risk assessment

  3. Risk treatment I

  4. Risk treatment II

See the Rimap Body of Knowledge for a detailed listing of the knowledge provided into the examination materials.

What can I expect for my examination date?

  • 2-hour online exam with 100 questions

  • Technical requirements: computer, internet connection, 3 hours continuous availability without disruption

  • Supervision by a person of your choice or your risk management association in accordance with the exam rules set up by ANZIFF, FERMA's certification partner

  • Exam results are automated through the computer system. The candidate will be notified within a week of their result by the FERMA ANZIIF team.


Examination dates

Certification online exams are held monthly to provide you with the most flexibility possible.

Exam Dates for 2018:

  • Thursday 15 March

  • Thursday 19 April

  • Thursday 24 May

  • Thursday 21 June

  • Thursday 26 July

  • Thursday 30 August

  • Thursday 20 September

  • Monday 08 October (online + FERMA Seminar in Antwerp)

  • Thursday 22 November

  • Thursday 13 December

The future of work is the future of lifelong learning - Lifelong learning is becoming an economic imperative

The FERMA rimap dynamic learning path proposes an examination as a starting point.

Once certified, it is important that risk professionals stay up to date but also increase their knowledge with tailor made activities.

This is what we propose with the FERMA rimap recertification: enhance your knowledge, skills, performance and relationships and give a value to the professional development activities you are attending.


The FERMA rimap recertification is based on a CPD system

CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development:

  • Continuous because it consists of participating to eligible activities and collect 50 points over a 2 years period to maintain your FERMA rimap certification level

  • Professional because it all starts with a recognized European risk management certification for risk professional

  • Development because it provides value to your professional development activities by recording and tracking them throughout your carreer


The FERMA rimap recertification fee (€100 or €200 for non-member) allows you to follow the dynamic learning path by accessing an online platform to:

  • log your professional development activities and keep track of CPD points

  • be informed of the CPD licensed local risk management events near you

  • participate to online professional development activities (such as webinars)


How do I accumulate my 50 points in two years and achieve recertification?

To best fit your busy agenda, FERMA created a feasible CPD system based on 3 type of activities to allow you to maintain your FERMA rimap certification.

FERMA Forum and Seminar, national association’s events and meetings and CPD licensed partner events are multiple occasions to collect CPD points.


Which activities are eligible for my CPD points?

For more information please read following links:

To respond to the need of being recognized externally as a certified risk professional, FERMA has developed an Open Badge for the FERMA Rimap certification holders to offer a unique way to advertise your credential and ensure its authenticity.

  • Why use an open badge?

The open badge provides employers and the public with an evidence of what you had to do to earn the certification and is an easy way to verify your competences digitally.
You can share your open badge across social media, add it to your email signature and embed it in a website or a CV so that your professional network is aware of your European risk management certification.

  • So what is it?

An open badge is an image file which is uniquely linked to your certification information hosted on Credly, one of the leading third party badging platform.

Open badges are more reliable and secure than paper-based ones as they are linked to data set up and validated by FERMA to confirm that you are a rimap certified risk professional.
Moreover, the badge is free!

open badge

  • How do you obtain your open badge?

Once FERMA rimap certified, you will receive an email invitation from Credly to claim your badge. After clicking on the link in the email and create an account on Credly, you'll be able  to accept your FERMA rimap certification badge. You will then share your badge directly from the badging platform to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook or add it to your email signature by copying your badge URL and hyperlink it to the image. 

The concept of Open Badges was created by Mozilla in 2011 to recognize the new ways of learning wherever it happened - in and out of formal education and online.
It is a simple and easy way for you to raise awareness and increase recognition for having successfully passed the FERMA rimap examination. It also makes you part of the FERMA rimap certified community.

Last name First name Association Title Organisation Date
Aguanell Lourdes AGERS European Marine Account Manager Consultant ( EMAM)  Eurapco 3/10/2016
Aleksov Georgi BRIMA Senior Risk Consultant Marsh EOOD 15/10/2017
Baczek Krzysztof POLRISK Chief Risk Analyst PGE Polish Energy Group S.A. 14/12/2017
Baldacchino Aaron MARM Insurance Officer Willis Management (Malta) Limited  3/10/2016
Bixio Gianluca  ANRA Risk Manager Estra Energie S.r.l. 20/09/2017
Brants Yves  BELRIM Risk Manager NRB 3/10/2016
Bregning Sebastian DARIM Senior Risk Manager  A. P. Moller - Maersk A/S  25/01/2017
Castelli Maurizio ANRA Partner & Senior Risk Management Consultant Mao sas 18/12/2017
Cotelle Philippe AMRAE Head of Insurance Risk Management Airbus Defence and Space 3/10/2016
D. Galea David MARM Senior Vice President  Marsh Management Services Malta Limited  3/10/2016
Dal Zilio Kathy ANRA Senior Legal Counsel and Insurance Manager BENETTON GROUP S.R.L. 22/01/2018
d'Ambrosio Roberto MARM CEO Alpari Reserach & Analysis 3/10/2016
Desantoine Sabine BELRIM Insurable Risk Manager ING Belgium 3/10/2016
Dimech Alan MARM Head Of Regulatory Affairs and Group Compliance Officer DARAG Malta Insurance and Reinsurance PCC Ltd  3/10/2016
Ejsing Jesper DARIM Head of Group Risk Management & Insurance Vestas Wind Systems A/S  25/01/2017
Fabianelli Serena ANRA Risk Management officer E.S.TR.A. S.p.A 24/01/2018
Farrugia Adam Karl MARM Risk Manager SataBank 3/10/2016
Fisher Dominic MARM Senior Manager - Risk & Regulatory Advisory Deloitte 3/10/2016
Friberg Helle DARIM Group Insurance Manager  Hempel A/S  25/01/2017
Goutière Philippe ALRIM Managing Partner ABIL S.A. 15/03/2018
Gutiérrez Cristina AGERS Risk Management Advisor RECREATIVOS IMAR / GRUPO FAMAI / RISKTORISK  3/10/2016
Kallenberg Kristian n/a Head of Strategy and Strategic Risk Management PostNord AB/Stockholm School of Economics 23/11/2017
Kuhn Per DARIM System Manager Novo Nordisk 25/01/2017
Lycops Frederic BELRIM Risk & Insurance Advisor FedEx Corporation 14/12/2017
Medina Belén IGREA Risk manager GLOBALVIA  3/10/2016
Militello Serena ANRA Head of legal and compliance department Industrie Saleri Italo Spa 20/09/2017
Miltchanski Ivo BRIMA Risk Consult Bulgaria / BRIMA Risk Consult Bulgaria / BRIMA 3/10/2016
Munari Massimiliano ANRA Head of Risk Integration Banca Intesa SanPaolo 20/09/2017
Paduano Valentina ANRA Enterprise Risk Management Specialist Prysmian Group 18/12/2017
Petry Elke n/a Senior Account Executive Aon Schweiz AG 14/12/2017
Pisciotta Marco ANRA Deputy Risk Manager Prysmian Spa 15/12/2017
Quist Dölek  Anders DARIM Director, Risk and Compliance  GN Store Nord A/S  25/01/2017
Radaelli Paola ANRA Enterprise Risk Manager and Chief Financial Officer Free lance 3/10/2016
Rombouts Marc BELRIM Insurance Manager Université catholique de Louvain 15/03/2018
Serafini Stefano  ANRA Insurance Manager EDF EN Italia Spa 20/09/2017
Soardo Giovanni  ANRA Account Executive Soardo e Associati srl 20/09/2017
Sommer Bisgaard  Sussi DARIM Senior Risk Manager  Coloplast A/S  25/01/2017
Stokholm Winslow  Tina DARIM Group Insurance Specialist  Vestas Wind Systems A/S  25/01/2017
Terzago Marco ANRA Risk Manager SKF Industrie S.p.a 8/01/2018
Todorova Nataliya BRIMA Head of Insurance Save the Children International  3/10/2016
Torri Mauro ANRA Chief Risk Officer Italmobiliare Spa 3/10/2016
Trotti Valentino ANRA Director of Marketing & Sales/ Risk Manager In-Out S.r.l. 20/09/2017
Wegener Benjamin  GVNW Captives DVA Deutsche Verkehrs-Assekuranz-Vermittlungs-GmbH 26/10/2017
Yli-Viikari Tytti FINNRIMA Auditor General National Audit Office of Finland  3/10/2016
Young Susan AIRMIC Chief Risk Officer Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings Ltd. 3/10/2016
Zacariotto Chiara ANRA Office Manager ANRA 20/09/2017

Coming soon

How do I apply? 

1. Apply on the FERMA certification website at https://www.ferma.eu/form/rimap and upload an up-to-date CV and your highest /most relevant degree.

2. Once your application has been approved, our certification partner ANZIIF will contact you for enrollment, which will allow you to: 

  • access learning materials and practice questions

  • choose your examination date and appoint your supervisor

  • pay the certification fee


Application fees

  FERMA Member1 Non-FERMA Member2
FERMA Certification €300 €450
FERMA renewal3 €100 €200
Retaking an exam €200 €350

Note : FERMA is a non-profit organisation

  1. FERMA member fee applies to risk managers belonging to one of the 22 FERMA member associations.

  2. Find the closest FERMA member risk management association at www.ferma.eu/about/our-members.

  3. This yearly fee gives you access to an online platform to log your professional develop¬ment activities and keep track of CPD points earned to maintain your certification status