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3rd joint webinar with ecoDa/AIG and FERMA dedicated to cybersecurity in our series “Risk Conversation at Board level”

PART II – Cyber Security: the mitigation strategies – how to identify, assess and mitigate cyber risks.

24 March 2016 from 10:30 – 12:00

Cybersecurity mitigation strategies webinar AIG ecoDa FERMA 24 March 2016 from FERMA

Click on the image to read the speaker' bios

Click on the image to read the speaker’ bios

What level of awareness should Boards have? How much time should Boards spend on cyber/risk management issues?

The Risk Manager must be responsible, as for others risks, for the quantification aspect of cyber security. It is a necessary step towards understanding and managing the exposure of the company. He/she should act as a facilitator between the Board and the operational department (IT, Finance, Legal and other functions).

  • How can Risk Managers bring unique added value in identifying and quantifying risk exposure?
  • When an interrelationship exists between the Risk Manager and the CIO (Chief Information Officer) or their equivalent, is it complementary and symbiotic?
  • To whom should the Risk Managers report the exposures, the liabilities, and the potential correlations or interconnections with other risks?
  • How would they propose relevant mitigation strategies to be endorsed by the operational departments and the Board?

In case of a claim, how should the confidentiality of critical information be managed when it is provided to multiple stakeholders (insurers, brokers, loss adjusters, public authorities)? Are the companies ready to grant access to their confidential systems and processes to those third parties?

This is a key subject to unlock the cyber insurance development and to support the economic growth the Digital world is bringing to Europe.