Risk management in Spain is reaching significant maturity levels at the same time that it is taking steps to approach levels of development of other European countries. Despite the difficult economic situation being experienced by Spain, Spanish risk managers of large, small and medium sized firms are increasingly sensitised to the need for developing and implementing risk management processes according to the challenges of these times.

The generalised distrust we are facing, the regulatory changes, the insufficient economic recovery or the funding problems due to the fragmentation of credit among central and southern European countries, are some of the latest concerns of Spanish companies looking to risk management for support.

Sensitive to the global situation, AGERS has developed a programme of specialised courses that aims to help and guide Spanish risk managers in the current environment, as well as to analyse traditional risks, with a new vision, and new and emerging risks, such as cyber risks or reputation issues.

The year opened with a well attended course ‘“Civil liability: Developments, solutions and challenges for 2013” held on 19 and 20 January. This was a continuing education event for senior risk managers interested on this important topic. AGERS classic course, “Loss of benefits” took place on 19 and 20 February and attracted 30 attendees.

On 27 February, more than 300 participants attended a meeting on “The effect of mediation on risk and insurance disputes,” organised in collaboration with the SIGNUM Foundation at the headquarters of the Notaries Society of Madrid. SIGNUM is a body created by the Notaries Society to promote alternative dispute resolution in commercial and civil disputes. Observatorio “¿Cómo afecta la mediación en los conflictos de riesgos y seguros?” lictos de riesgos y seguros?”

AGERS then offered its traditional introduction for new risk professionals “Risk management in enterprises”, on 20 and 21 March. As with previous programmes, this event was very successful.
Information on AGERS courses during the rest of 2013 is available at Calendrio de Formacion

Annual conference:

AGERS annual conference will take place on 30 May with the title “The management of current and emerging risks” (La Gerencia de Riesgos Actuales y Emergentes). The venue is the Hotel Melia Castilla, Madrid

News and position papers:

  • AGERS submitted a document to the Environmental Ministry prepared by its environment committee with a proposal for the modification of certain points of the draft environmental liability law (Ley de Responsabilidad Medioambiental) draft that was offered for public consultation. AGERS se posiciona frente al
    Borrador del Anteproyecto de Modificación de Ley de Responsabilidad Medioambiental.
  • The Committee on Standardization of AGERS submitted its comments to AENOR (Agencia Española de Normalización y Certificación) about the official translation of the ISO 31004 into Spanish. AGERS also represented Spain at the meeting of the WG TC262 of ISO Risk Management, held in Toulouse between 4 and 8 March. Angel Escorial, a member of AGERS´ board, was in charge of the Spanish representation.