FERMA actively supports projects to educate young professionals in risk and insurance management disciplines. Over the years we have launched various initiatives. For example, we welcome a large number of academics, universities and business schools during the FERMA Risk Management Forum to exchange views on the development of curriculums in Europe.

Florence Bindelle

Florence Bindelle

In addition, FERMA sponsors a group of students selected by our national associations and invited them to participate in the FERMA Forum. They value the opportunity to meet experienced risk managers and insurance practitioners, as well as to contribute with innovative ideas and write a report. Our Director of Education Edouard Thys guides them in this new arena so they get the utmost benefit. In the past we have had a student winning the treasure hunt. Perhaps this year, too! We value their input and ideas.

In parallel with positioning the risk and insurance profession on the European agenda, we are also reinforcing this through alliances with other major associations, such as Young Insurance Europe (YIE), Aida Europe’s young lawyers in insurance, and business schools and universities. As part of such partnerships, we invite selected students to the FERMA Forum.

At the 2011 Forum, we launched a major education initiative with Lloyd’s, which provided 20 young risk professionals with three two-day sessions in London to advance their knowledge of international insurance and reinsurance. At the 2013 Forum, we will announce the next stage in our programme with Lloyd’s.

Not to be missed at the Forum is the young risk professionals’ breakfast where there is the opportunity to discuss risk management careers in an informal atmosphere.

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