cyber attacks

21st February, 16:00 CET - The webinar will cover: FERMA's Cyber Risk Governance Model, a real case implementation, how to assess your cyber risks and opportunities and more
Following the October 2018 FERMA Seminar in Antwerp, FERMA published a report on cyber risks, the topic of day 2 at the event, featuring the presentations, key learning and background interviews.
The European Commission estimates at least 80% of businesses have experienced a cybersecurity incident in the last year. In 2018, FERMA has published three reports to support risk professionals and insurance buyers in dealing with cyber threats and understand risk transfer options:  Preparing for Cyber Insurance, a practical guide; a new edition of the Cyber Governance Report and a report containing presentations and interviews from the 2018 FERMA Seminar.
You cannot put all your money into cyber risk prevention but must invest in resilience, Augusto Perez Arbizu, Director of Corporate Risk and Insurance, Telefonica, and President of IGREA, told the OECD-Marsh conference on cyber insurance taking place yesterday and today in Paris.
With today’s economic and political uncertainties, companies need to have appropriate tools to support their strategy. According to FERMA President, Jo Willaert, risk management should be seen as one of the pillars of this strategy.
The latest cyber attack illustrates that the management of cyber risks should be an enterprise-wide project directed from board level within a sound governance framework...