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80% of the respondents to the FERMA European Risk Manager Survey 2018 indicated that a recognised certification in practicing risk management would be beneficial.
The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) and Latin American risk management association ALARYS yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly promote the FERMA rimap® risk management certification programme. The agreement allows ALARYS to offer the FERMA certification to its members in Latin American and Caribbean islands.
The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) has launched the first European programme of continuous professional development (CPD) for risk management as part of its rimap® professional certification. It offers more than 100 days per year of courses, conferences and other activities across Europe and beyond in a programme that FERMA calls “life-long learning”.
FERMA and CRE announces the winners of the Excellence in Risk Management Awards 2017
Clearly, it will be increasingly complex, volatile and interconnected. In this turbulent world, education becomes...
In cooperation with Danish member association DARIM, nine risk managers went through the rimap® certification process on 25 January 2017.
DARIM is the first FERMA member association to take up the challenge and organise a rimap® examination. The paper-based rimap examination will take place in Copenhagen on 25 January 2017.

Today, outside financial services we suffer from a lack of clear recognition of what the function of risk management involves and so also a lack of appreciation of the role of the risk manager.

FERMA presented the first qualifications by examination in its professional programme rimap® to 18 risk managers during a ceremony at the FERMA Seminar now taking place in Malta.
The rimap examination is a written exam with 100 questions based on the rimap Body of Knowledge using recognised sources such as ISO 31000 and COSO ERM framework.
rimap® is the first professional Certification for European risk managers. Launched in 2015 by FERMA, rimap® provides independent confirmation of the professional competences, experience and standards of individual risk managers
Through rimap®, FERMA is building the first network of risk management education providers and risk managers across Europe.
FERMA disclosed the names of the first six education programmes in risk management to receive rimap accreditation…
FERMA launches first professional Certification for European risk managers with award ceremony...
The rimap Body of Knowledge represents a comprehensive basis of the knowledge that a risk manager should know.
This Code of ethics was developed by a team of four people, representing different national associations. Their experience and expertise enabled a wide variety of opinions and perspectives to be captured.
FERMA Certification reference framework documentations...
FERMA’s plans for European Certification of Risk Managers have moved forward to a testing phase for the application and examination process by volunteers and the finalisation of the first set of exam questions...
The rimap Body of Knowledge represents a comprehensive basis of the knowledge that a risk manager should know. Written by a team of European experienced risk managers,