As climate change becomes a matter of resilience for our societies, tomorrow’s success for companies will start with professional risk management now.
European Commission proposes to remove regulatory barriers to the free flow of non-personal data with the aim of creating a comprehensive and coherent approach to the movement of data in the EU.
5th joint webinar with FERMAand ecoDa/AIG dedicated to transparency in our series “Risk Conversation at Board level” - Increased Risk Reporting Requirements 09 March 2017 from 14:00 – 15:30
R. Mulder, Uniper Insurance & Subsidy Manager tells us there are two main schools of thought on the definition of resilience: one is the bouncing back...

Philippe Cotelle, Head of Insurance Risk Management at Airbus Defence and Space, describes the development of a response methodology to create resilience against cyber risks.

There are three main obstacles to a good understanding of cyber risk

The good management of data is now an essential part of the business model of many organisations. But with new dependencies linked to the increased use of external hosting, collection, treatment and transfer of data, it is also posing heavy challenges legal, IT and strategic issues.