FERMA submitted on 30 January 2019 a response to the EIOPA (European Insurance Authority) consultation about how sustainability risks could be integrated in European insurance laws like Solvency II and IDD.
FERMA to push EIOPA and local regulators for a collaborative approach to resolve cross-borders insurance issues.
As climate change becomes a matter of resilience for our societies, tomorrow’s success for companies will start with professional risk management now.

In 2017, as part of the pillar 3 of Solvency II on disclosure, all (re)insurance companies will disclose to the public for the first time a report on their solvency and financial condition (SFCR).

The information provided will be both qualitative and quantitative, meaning not only solve

FERMA has launched a campaign to change misperceptions of captive insurance by tax authorities and other public bodies.

As a starting point, FERMA has today published a position paper on captive insurance companies, which it will submit to the OECD so that the

Philippe Cotelle, Head of Insurance Risk Management at Airbus Defence and Space, describes the development of a response methodology to create resilience against cyber risks.

There are three main obstacles to a good understanding of cyber risk