Have a look at FERMA's key figures and activities for 2018
The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) represents the risk management profession at European bringing together 22 risk management associations in 21 European countries and representing nearly 4800 risk managers active in a wide range of business sectors from major industrial and commercial companies to financial institutions and local government bodies. FERMA provides the means of coordinating risk management and optimising the impact of these associations at a European level.
FERMA has published 2017 guide about its network of member national associations...
FERMA's 2016 European Risk and Insurance Report (ERIR) is gathering the views of more than 600 European risk managers at a time of major changes in Europe. The findings of this report, combined with FERMA’s mission and strategy, will shape our activities over the next two years.
FERMA provides the means of co-ordinating and optimising the impact of its 22 risk management associations outside their national boundaries on a European level
The survey, which is take place every other year, highlights the status of risk management in Europe and establishes the visibility of risk managers and the role in Europe.