The general assembly of FERMA has chosen six board members and confirmed Jo Willaert as President for an additional two-year term...
Economic growth is going to come from the digital economy.  Digital risks have to be considered at board level because they can affect the value of the company. In this digital world, therefore, high quality risk management will contribute to the value of the business.
A unique chance to get insights on the way the US federal government is supporting businesses to mitigate cyber risk. With the exclusive presence of the Honorable John Carlin, US Assistant Attorney General for National Security.
The FERMA board has dedicated itself to implementation of the newly agreed strategic vision and mission following elections at the general assembly in June. The vision is embodied in the new mission statement aligning FERMA’s work with its goals of increasing leadership in risk management and enhancing risk managers’ strategic influence.
My aim is for FERMA to work for the advantage of risk managers by becoming ever more open and efficient, says FERMA’s new CEO, Typhaine Beaupérin after her first month in the job. She is full of enthusiasm.