Globalisation has increased mobility of people. Today, many workers from junior to senior positions travel for business. Travelling involves expenditures, risk and opportunities for the organisation that need to be well managed to maximise the results. FERMA and International SOS have, therefore, worked on the creation of a joint paper called “Travel Risk Management 2015: European Trends – Understanding Health, Safety and Security risk management for work-related international travel and assignments”.

This joint paper, published at the FERMA Forum in October, contains a preface from EU-OSHA, a review of European directives and national laws applicable for cross border workers and assignees (with the latest law cases), interviews with risk and/or insurance managers and key recommendations.

216 risk and/or insurance managers have responded to the 1-minute survey. Find the results here : Results 1-minute survey


and the full report:

European Trends in Travel Risk Management 2015 from FERMA