FERMA Forum 2011
Monday 3 October
Opening Keynote (09:00 – 10:15)

Peter den Dekker (Corporate Insurance Risk Manager, Stork, and President of FERMA), Charlotte Barnekow (Head of Insurance Risk Management, Ericsson, and Chairman of SWERMA) and Josef Ackermann CEO of Deutsche Bank) opened the 2011 FERMA Forum.

Here are video highlights from the keynote including Josef Ackermann’s invaluable insights around the future of the financial industry:

Highlights from Peter den Dekker’s speech

Peter opened the plenary session at the first full day of the FERMA Forum.

Firstly, the Forum has attracted a record number of attendees : 1521, showing FERMA’s increasing strength as the voice for risk managers throughout Europe. In Peter’s own words : “We have a record attendance of risk managers and of other risk professionals here in Stockholm. This is more than the combined total of attendees at each of the national association meetings I’ve attended this year. I think the financial crisis and the spotlight it put on risk management have heightened our members’ awareness of the value of working together and letting other people know more about what we do.”

Peter also underlining FERMA’s activity over the past 2 years “By working with other European and international organisations. FERMA’s has been representing its members with the European Commission and other bodies and demonstrated an increased influence when standing for European Risk Managers”

Highlights from Josef Ackermann’s speech

As you probably already know, Josef Ackermann is the CEO of Deutsche Bank, so when it comes to talk about risk in the context of the financial crisis, you just can’t get a better speaker.

Mr Ackermann developed in a detailed speech the main point quoted below before concluding that dialogue between companies and stakeholders and new ideas for our instituions are much needed.

“As we all learned during the crisis, risk management is crucial for successful financial institutions. Deficiencies in controlling risk were at the heart of the crisis. As a result, many financial institutions have strenghtenend the role of risk managers within their organizations, revised their risk methodologies and revisited the instruments they use for mitigating and controlling risk”