AGERS receives more than two hundred professionals during its traditional Journey to know the perspectives of risks and insurances for 2015

AGERS - Asociación Española de Gerencia de Riesgos y SegurosMadrid, 20th Nov – AGERS.- The Spanish Risk Management and Insurance Association  (AGERS) received more than two hundred professionals during its XX Seminar with the purpose of knowing the perspectives on the risks and the insurances sector for the following year.

The XX AGERS Seminar, Risks and Insurances 2015, that reached its twentieth edition, began at 9 am at the Meliá Castilla Hotel and concluded with an exclusive session for Risk Managers at these facilities.

The celebration of this day included the distinguished presence of Her Excellency Mrs. Maria Ximena Lombana Villalba, Minister Plenipotentiary of the Embassy of Colombia in Spain, which was introduced by Mr. Alfredo Arán, CEO of MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS, and explained the great opportunity that represents the Colombian market for Spanish Insurance Companies.

The first panel of the Seminar was Personal Insurances Solutions for the displaced people where four speakers moderated by Mr José Miguel Rodríguez Pardo, from Carlos III University, stressed the importance of creating hybrid policies adapted to the concrete situation of the displaced people.

Insurance Companies must take into account the particular conditions of its insured people in order to cover them in their original country and in their destination country at a reasonable price, stressed Ms. Cristina Gil Olmo, BARCELÓ Corp Company, Ms. Maria Dolores Moreno, March -JLT, Mr. Daniel Meilán, MAPFRE, Ms. Raquel Sánchez, Europe Assistance, and Ms. Lara Varjabedian, Generali Employee Benefits (GEB).

After this first panel, were presented the results of the European Risk Management Benchmarking Survey where Ms. Mª Isabel Martínez Torre-Enciso, FERMA, and Mr. Cayetano Ramírez, AXA Corporate Solutions, introduced some key conclusions of the survey of European Federation of Risk Management Associations (FERMA).

Ms. Cristina Martínez García, risk manager of Campofrío Food Group and member of the Board of FERMA and IGREA, excused her attendant to this panel because work’s motive.

As the two members of this panel explained, the results of the survey addressed four specific topics: the analysis of the sample, the practice of risk management in Europe, the profession of risk managers from the European perspective and insurance management programs to optimize risk management.

In addition, another key issue discussed during the day was the Rating Systems Risk Management (ERM) and the changes in the ratings of Spanish insurers.

In this part, two different experts, Mr Peter Mc Clean, STANDARD & POOR’S and Mr. Fernando Caballero, AON Risk Consulting, shared their knowledge with the audience.

According to what both speakers stressed, risk management is directly related to the assessment in the ratings, especially in the case of diversified companies with offices in different countries.

Since risk management has great weight for the companies, this area should be considered “an essential sector” in the decision-making of any firm, reported both speakers.

In this context which tends to globalization, another theme treated, was the Insurances and Risks in Latin America: Regulatory frameworks and Claims Management.

During this panel four partners from DAC Beachcrof, Mr. José María Álvarez-Cienfuegos (Spain), Mr. Andrés Amunátegui (Chile), Mr. Jose Luis Arce (Mexico), Ms. Marcia C. Barbosa de Oliveira (Brazil) and Ms. Gabriela Monroy (Colombia) reported on their specific context about the risks and insurances industry in these Latin American countries.

Moderated by Ms. Teresa Lozano, ENAGÁS, the speakers reported on the differences from one to another country in claims management, regulatory and jurisdictional issues.

Last Panel, another group of speakers shared their experience on the Business Continuity Plan and Critical Infrastructure.

Mr. César López López, MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS, Mr. Rogelio Campos, REPSOL and Mr. Tomás Martín Iñurrieta from CNPIC, spoke of Critical Infrastructure legislation in Spain and the implementation of specific protection measures.

Before the end of the event, Mr José Manuel Blanco, director of the magazine “riesgo y empresa” (INESE), and the manager of AGERS, Ms. Alicia Soler, spoked about the special edition of the magazine in which AGERS has collaborated for their second time.

A copy of this special edition was handed to each attendee, and will be published at the web site of AGERS

In order to close the ceremony, the President of AGERS, Mr. Juan Carlos López Porcel, accompanied by the First Vice President, Mr. Alfredo Zorzo, the Second Vice President, Mr. Mario Ramírez Ortúzar, and the General Secretary, Mr. Gonzalo Iturmedi, thanked the attendance of the people and explained that AGERS will remain in the forefront of developments looking for intellectual capital and the continuous improvement that requires this profession.


















About AGERS: 

AGERS is a non-profit organization founded in April 1984 in order to promote, research and develop Risk  Management in Spain. Among its over 200 associates are prestigious Companies and their Risk Managers, Brokers and Insurance Companies as well as the most important Consultants and Analysis and Valuation Companies operating in Spain. AGERS is a member of FERMA (Federation of European Risk Managers Associations) IFRIMA (International Federation of Risk and Insurance Management) and ALARYS (Latin American Association of Insurance and Risk).