Laurent Nihoul, FERMA board member and chair of the Seminar committee

The key message of the 2020 FERMA Risk Manager Seminar is that the hard insurance market can be a wake up call for risk and insurance managers to refocus their efforts on the basics of the profession: risks, exposures, mitigation and loss prevention. And how to communicate them.

We are in difficult environment. Today, instead of two minutes with the CFO, we get 15 because many more questions are coming. We need to make that time matter. It is an opportunity for the risk and insurance management community to demonstrate its value to the company. We need to provide good advice, sound analysis, good methodology and actionable ideas and plans for our management.

By developing these skills – and this was the aim of the Seminar – we can create more impact and add more value for our companies. That will, in turn, strengthen our profession and increase recognition for what we do. We want our colleagues and our senior managers to appreciate that we can make value propositions and deliver added value for the business.

My aim and that of the Seminar committee in putting together our programme was to bring together not just theoretical but practical insights on the future of risk financing that the risk managers could apply day-to-day. The tool kit of the risk and insurance manager is very diverse. Each risk manager has different challenges according to the nature of the business, the management culture and the risk profile of their organization. We hope the Seminar provided some key ideas and information they can use in the process of defining and deploying their risk financing strategy.

We are all familiar now with virtual meetings and events, and we were very happy with how well the platform worked. It allowed us to be productive and was very positive for the Seminar. More than 300 people logged on each day, and if anything surprised me slightly it was the level of engagement and networking. You got a real feeling of being part of the event. The high level of excellent and good ratings for the sessions shows how much they were appreciated.

Recordings of the sessions are available on the Seminar platform  until 12 November, using your participant login and password.

Watch the replay of Laurent Nihoul’s closing


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