FERMA publishes its Policy Manifesto urging EU leaders to make Europe “risk-ready for a brighter future”.

The Manifesto 2024-2029 calls on EU to address regulatory complexities, lack of insurance for net zero transition, evolving cyber security challenges, and crisis preparedness levels.

Download it here!

FERMA has released its EU Policy Manifesto which presents its priorities for the policymakers in the EU Institutions for the next institutional mandate (2024-2029) and outlines how the Federation can contribute to these.

The Policy Manifesto, “Making Europe risk-ready for a brighter future”, details four pillars which FERMA believes EU leaders must address to help bolster the overall resilience of the Europe Union. These are:

  • Simplifying the regulatory maze to keep European companies competitive
  • Supporting the transition to net-zero by taking a risk management approach
  • Building a more cyber secure and resilient EU
  • Bolstering the EU’s preparedness and response capabilities for future crises

These priorities have been established following a survey and comprehensive discussions with FERMA members.

Listen to Typhaine Beaupérin, CEO of FERMA: