FERMA brings together 23 risk management associations in 22 European countries. They
represent nearly 5000 professional risk managers active in a wide range of business
sectors. FERMA acts on their behalf at European level and promotes the risk management profession.

What we do

Our history

In 1974, three organisations got together to speak for corporate insurance buyers in Europe. In time, those
organisations became FERMA…

We are a Brussels-based non-profit federation.

What is Risk Management?

Managing the threats and opportunities to organisations within acceptable limits is the
essence of risk management. The principles of risk management are identifying, measuring and preparing for
any events that could interfere with the organisation’s plans. Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a
strategy that applies these concepts across the whole organisation.

The Risk Manager is a Coordinator, Educator and Communicator

Risk managers bring professional expertise to this role and support the success of their organisations. They
play a central role by coordinating risk aspects of functions across the organisation. In addition, risk
managers will be responsible for technical activities of the work, such as risk assessment, risk mapping and
insurance purchase. They report to senior management and the board about risk issues.

Risk managers typically come from different professional backgrounds, such as finance, engineering, law or
insurance. Today, an increasing number are starting their careers with dedicated training to become
professional risk managers. The FERMA certification, rimap, provides a European professional qualification
for all practitioners.

The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) speaks for the risk management profession in