FERMA is governed by the General Assembly and administrated by a Board of Directors led by the President. The FERMA office is under the supervision of the Chief Executive Officer based in Brussels.


Our 12 member Board supervises and guides our work, and decides on the projects we engage in. The Board acts in the collective interest of FERMA and of the whole European profession, independently from any particular interest. The President represents FERMA for a 2-year term.

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Our team runs our projects on a daily basis and steers the working groups in cooperation with their chairs. The team is led by the Chief Executive Officer who manages and represents FERMA.

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Working Groups

Representatives of our members participate in our expert groups based on their areas of expertise. These working groups provide feedback from practice and input on strategy via physical meetings and by collaborating online.

The General Assembly of 28 June 2018 registered in French the following official Bylaws: