Toward a more sovereign Europe: FERMA published paper with risk management’s contribution to the French Presidency agenda

FERMA has issued a paper, “Contribution to the French Presidency agenda – A more sovereign Europe on the role of risk management in support of the goal of the French Presidency of the European Council to further enhance Europe’s strategic autonomy and sovereignty. France’s Presidency of the European Council began on 1 January and continues until 30 June.  

Click here to download the report in pdf format.

FERMA’s paper highlights the links between its work and the priorities of the French Presidency in three key areas of the French Presidency programme (which can be found here): 


Said FERMA President Dirk Wegener: “In our paper, we outline the views and concerns of the risk managers on matters that will be debated during the French Presidency. We wish to bring our unique expertise in risk and insurance management to support EU policy makers to respond to the future with confidence and contribute to the transformation and resilience of Europe’s economy.”