The Russian risk management society RusRisk held a business breakfast with the President of FERMA, Jorge Luzzi at the offices of Deloitte CIS in Moscow. More than 30 people from the risk management community took part, among them representatives of large industrial and energy companies and cellular phone operators, national and international insurers, universities and consultants. Jorge described FERMA and explained its main objectives in a discussion session which included questions about the interaction of risk management and internal audit in the industrial companies. Jorge presented FERMA’s important initiative on the certification of risk managers.


Russians welcome FERMA President

The participants also discussed problems of motivating shareholders and senior managers on the need for the creation of risk management systems in large and medium-sized Russian companies.
At the end of the meeting the President of RusRisk Victor Vereshchagin presented Jorge with the RusRisk award in recognition of his unconditional advice and support for the development of the risk management in Russia over many years.