The survey, which takes place every 2 years, highlights the status of risk management in Europe and establishes the visibility of risk managers and the role in Europe.

The Benchmarking Survey has been launched on 17 April and is open until 20 June 2012.
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AXA Corporate Solutions and Ernst & Young are again the sponsors.

The survey is addressed to risk and insurance managers across Europe. To promote the involvement of its 22 national risk management associations and get a wider cross section of replies, FERMA has this year arranged for translation of the questionnaires into French, Italian, Polish and Spanish.

Risk and Insurance Managers, who have not received a personal invitation by email on 17 April and who would like to participate, are invited to send their contact details by email to


Objectives and benefits

This unique survey conducted by Risk Managers, the 6th in the series, seeks to identify European, national and sector-specific practices & trends around:

  • Risk Governance

  • The role of Risk Management & the Risk Manager

  • Level of maturity of Risk Management systems and processes

  • Level of globalisation and complexity of insurance programmes as well as Risk Managers’ definition of value provided by insurers

  • Degree to which insurance management supports overall Risk Management

  • Current regulatory and other issues

  • Better understanding of stakeholders expectations in the current difficult economic & financial situation

  • Assessment of the level of deployment of the 8th EU Company Law Directive

The results will be an internal tool for risk managers to convey ideas and/or to promote actions. It will provide members with a clear view on risk management and insurance not only in their own country, also to benchmark themselves against other countries.

The results will be presented at the FERMA Seminar 2012 in Versailles, France on 22 & 23 October 2012.

A written report will also be available for all participants.


Structure of the Survey (3 sections)

  • Risk Governance:This section is dedicated to look how Risk Management is governed internally, the objectives pursued by Risk Management in the company and the risk disclosures

  • Risk management practices:This section analyses the internal organisation structure and how Risk Management is involved and coordinated with other activities. It also focused on the way risk management is perceived

  • Insurance Management:This section is analyses the insurance market perception and the new expectations related to insurance solutions



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  • For FERMA: C. Martinez, M. Dennery, M.G. Dequae, I. Mikhaylov, A. van der Veer

  • For AXA Corporate Solutions: R. Demoulin, S. Augustin

  • For Ernst & Young: D. Pageaud, S. Rimbert, S. Persyn

  • Technical Partner: Toluna