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Objectives and Benefits

The FERMA Risk Management Benchmarking Survey 2014 is seeking to

  • Benchmark the risk management practices in Europe

  • Provide a tangible basis for reporting to senior management

  • Track trends over time

  • Set up a tool to serve as basis of current relevant knowledge.

  • To be the referenced survey developed by risk managers for risk managers in Europe


  • Reinforce the understanding the positioning of the risk and insurance management role
  • Support the development of the risk and insurance management function


  • Identify the main priorities at FERMA to support members and risk and insurance management function


  • Compare and position their organization’s insurance program against a peer group to support and improve decision making

Structure of the Survey

  • European Insights on Risk Management Practices

  • European Perspective

  • Insurance: Evolution of the Insurance Market and Risk Managers’ Expectations


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  • For FERMA: C. Martinez, M. Dennery, I. Martinez, J. Willaert and M.G. Dequae

  • For XL Group: C. Thyme, K. Sinz, T. Elser and G. Dehais

  • For Ernst & Young: D. Pageaud, S. Rimbert, F. Miard

  • For Zurich: J. Scott, H. Bloy and N. El Alami

  • For Marsh: C. Panoui, G. Van Den Eyde and L. Verbiest

  • For AXA Corporate Solutions: R. Demoulin, S. Augustin

  • Technical Partner: Toluna