Earlier this year, global broker network UNIBA Partners joined forces with FERMA to offer its members exclusive access to the FERMA’s risk management certification program, Rimap. UNIBA Partners is represented in more than 130 countries.

Rimap certification benefits young professionals, client-facing staff, as well as senior staff, demonstrating their risk management credentials and boosting their professional development. FERMA CEO Typhaine Beaupérin said: “When brokers and risk managers have the same professional certification, it will strengthen the dialogue between them. They will also be part of the same rimap community which gives great opportunities for an exchange of views and experience.”

The initiative was met with enthusiasm by UNIBA’s partners – with three of them already registered to study and pass the exam later this year.

“I am certain risk management has aspects I am yet unaware of and have never encountered before. By getting rimap certified, I want to refresh and broaden my knowledge”, says Katerina Shum of BritMark Ukraine, who was the first UNIBA partner to sign-up for the programme. Katerina has allocated 3-4 months of preparation time before the exam.

Pieter-Paul Casier, COO of Group Casier Belgium, plans to sit the online exam in September: “We hope to upgrade our day-to-day services even further with this certification. I also hope that it will give us a broader perspective on what to expect (and how to compare) on an international level.”

Paul-Emmanuel Casier, CEO, has also enrolled to study for the Rimap exam. “Increasingly, customers are turning to us for questions and analyses that lie outside the domain of traditional insurance.  An example is contract management, but even more as a discussion partner for non-insurable risks and for alternative forms of risk transfer.  I expect to acquire more structured knowledge with the help of the RIMAP Program, in order to be able to answer my clients’ needs better and with more competency,” says Paul-Emmanuel, who already has a date set for the exam in July.

Many UNIBA partners have come forward with plans to enrol members of their staff later in 2020.

Benno Reischel, Chairman of UNIBA Partners and the initiator of the FERMA Lloyd’s Development Programme for Risk Managers, commented: “I am delighted that FERMA is opening the rimap certification programme to the broker world, choosing UNIBA as initial partner.”