An event organized by FERMA and ECIIA

Registration is now open for the high level event organised by FERMA at the European Parliament on 29 June for the publication of At the Junction of Corporate Governance and Cybersecurity.  This report, developed jointly with the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA), contains proposals for a new European model of cyber risk governance.

Hosted by Lithuanian MEP Antanas Guoga, the conference will include speakers from the World Economic Forum, the Malta EU Presidency,the European Commission and, of course, risk and audit practitioners from European businesses. It is open to all interested risk professionals.

This report is the conclusion of six months of work by an expert group between FERMA and ECIIA, representing risk managers and internal auditors from eight EU countries and six economic sectors. Together they have developed innovative ways for organisations to internally organise the management of cyber risks.

The WannaCry attacks in May heightened awareness of the necessity of risk management readiness for cyber risks within a suitable governance framework. As the report will show, proactive work between the risk manager and the key functions of the company will allow a company to stress test its vulnerability to cyber risks and devise mitigation strategies.

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Lithuanian MEP Antanas Guoga,World Economic Forum Daniel Daniel Dobrygowski, Project Lead, Information Technology Industry and Global Leadership Fellow,The Malta EU Presidency,The European Commission,Risk and Audit practitioners from European businesses

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