In line with its consistent efforts to develop and promote innovative thinking on cyber risk management, the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) has joined the ‘Paris Call for Trust & Security in Cyberspace’ made by French President, Emmanuel Macron, on the 12th November 2018. The Call took place during Paris Digital Week (11-14 Nov) and gathered three international events. Namely, the Paris Peace Forum, the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and the Govtech Summit. 

The Call follows an increase in both the frequency and damage of cyber attacks by state and non-state actors, whilst the targets have expanded from private individuals and businesses to democratic processes, the global economy and the integrity of the free flow of ideas.

“FERMA is supporting the Paris Call in line with our messages of good governance principles, prevention and protection as well as public-private cooperation. The stability and security of cyberspace is a necessity.”, said FERMA CEO Typhaine Beaupérin.

The aim of the Call is to mark a first step in bringing together a range of concerned actors from governments, alongside stakeholders from industry and civil society. It signals the signatories’ clear commitment to strength, stability and co-operation in cyberspace and reiterates our shared principles. More specifically to:

– Prevent and better recover from malicious cyber activities;

– Protect the general availability and integrity of the Internet;

– Cooperate to prevent malign interferences in electoral processes;

– Work together against ICT-enabled theft of intellectual property;

– Prevent the proliferation of malicious tools and techniques;

– Increase the security of ICT products and services as well as cyber hygiene;

– Take steps to prevent “hack-back”;

– Work together to strengthen the relevant international norms.

Alongside committing to shared principles, the signatories have agreed on reconvening at the Paris Peace Forum in 2019 and at the Internet Governance Forum in Berlin in 2019.