It’s not too late to listen to FERMA board member Julia Graham and other industry experts in the webinar on the cyber risk challenge jointly hosted by FERMA, Zurich Insurance and the Harvard Business Review and hear an exclusive presentation of the key findings from the pan-European security and privacy survey conducted by Zurich and Harvard Business Review with FERMA.

Cyber threats are rapidly evolving into one of the primary risks to businesses, and new European Union data protection regulations go into effect from 2014. Where do you stand, what security and privacy risks do you face and how can you protect your business?

Key issues covered during the webinar include:

  • Some IT measures you may need to implement to successfully combat security and privacy risks
  • What the 2014 EU data protection legislation may mean for your business and how you should be preparing for it
  • Today’s insurance market and the current and future challenges
  • Risk mitigation strategies, and what risks are and aren’t insurable

To watch the webinar please go at Cyber Risk Webinar