Join our 1-minute survey into changing risks for business travellers


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The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) has today launched an inquiry into the changing risks that organisations need to anticipate for their travelling workers and the ways those risks are being managed. “Workers on the move – Managing new risks” is the project which FERMA is conducting in cooperation with the International SOS Foundation, to understand better the developing role of risk managers in managing the health, safety and security of mobile workforces.

“We observe both the risks and the nature of working travellers are changing. This research will help us to focus on these trends and the ways that European risk managers can help their organisations develop policies that address the evolving risks faced by a more diverse travelling workforce,” said the President of FERMA Jo Willaert. “For example, is the sharing economy affecting travellers and does having a more diverse range of workers travelling have issues that the traditional man with a briefcase or a hardhat did not. Is social media a factor?”


The research has begun today with a one-minute on-line survey of risk managers to identify the key issues:
• How has your organisation’s exposure to risks (health, safety and security) linked to workers’ mobility changed over the last two years?
• What are the main drivers affecting this exposure for your company?
• What factors impact your organisation in terms of your mobile workforce?
• How has your responsibility as risk manager in regards to these risks evolved over the last two years?
• What is your role as regards to the management of these risks?

FERMA is also conducting in-depth interviews with a sample of European risk managers and experts to look in more detail at how specific organisations assess the current risk landscape, find out how risk managers interact with other relevant functions in the organisation and discover what innovative solutions they have found, from technology to risk transfer.

The report will be published at the 2017 FERMA Forum on 15-18 October. This is the second such survey that FERMA and the International SOS Foundation have conducted. The previous version took place in 2015.




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