The session will bring a holistic view of the ERM development around the world, particularly abroad Europe. The speakers will bring their expertise as representing international companies and international Risk Management associations. Several analysis will help to understand that after all we are in a small world, but there are some particularities like the USA and Canada way of doing ERM, how Latin American, African and Asiatic companies deal with ERM and also how governmental institutions manage their risks.

The session is important because the attendees could compare the development of the profession in countries and institutions that are not their daily operation and to see the way that these kind of institutions deal with their common problems. New ideas about the way to deal with the profession could come after to see the situation from another perspective.

People will learn to see other point of view from different organizations and different countries could provide a complete new vision and generate a new approach in the way that they are doing ERM locally; also to interact with professionals coming abroad Europe like the President of Rims and the Risk Manager of the International Monetary Found could provide a direct contact with other realities of our common profession.

Monday 3rd October, 3.45pm – 5pm

Session Leader :
Jorge Luzzi, Director Risk Management, Pirelli Group and Vice President of FERMA (Moderator)

Speakers :
Scott B. CLARK, President, Risk and Insurance Management Association
Pablo ZINI, Risk Manager, International Monetary Fund