FERMA national associations have until 31 May to comment on the European Commission report Natural catastrophes: Risk relevance and insurance coverage in the EU. The aim is to consider the most appropriate balance between preparation, insurance and post-event government intervention in dealing with disasters.

This report is the result of an in-depth examination by the European Commission of national insurance schemes and contributions from stakeholders, insurance experts and academics to a conference organised by the Directorate of Internal Market and Services in November 2011. The present exercise covers flood, storm, earthquake and drought.

Four questions have been addressed to the members:

Do you think it would be better to align a particular model as being a good one in Europe?

Are you happy with the situation on your country?

Would you like to see a change?

Would you like to follow or unfollow a specific system?

The analyses should bring food for discussion and set the basis for future Commission initiatives to promote the development of natural catastrophe insurance markets and improve the efficiency of current practices in dealing with the four perils.

FERMA Board Members Helle Friberg and Carl Leeman coordinate the response for FERMA.

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