Isabel Martinez, a member of the Spanish risk management association AGERS, has become a member of the board of the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA). She replaces Igor Mikhaylov who has resigned because of work commitments. Isabel had been elected a board substitute at the FERMA annual general meeting in June 2012.

Isabel is Head of the Finance and Marketing department for the Autonomous University of Madrid, where she is responsible for risk management, management and financial accounts, financing decisions and project advisory. She is also a senior lecturer in corporate finance at the university’s school of business and economics. She has a PhD in business and economics from the Complutense University in Madrid and has studied in the United States and United Kingdom.

Isabel said: “It is not only a great honor to become a FERMA board member, but also a great responsibility for me and for AGERS. My goal is to contribute with a new risk management vision that joins professional practice with instruction and research at the highest academic level. These skills are developing in areas such as risk management, continuity management and emergency management, as well as corporate finance.”

FERMA President Jorge Luzzi said, “We welcome Isabel to the FERMA board and look forward to the contribution that she can make from her strong academic background. We also thank Igor for his time and enthusiasm and wish him our best for the future.”

One of FERMA’s two vice presidents, Julia Graham, has now finished her two year mandate. Michel Dennery continues as vice president, and Alessandro De Felice has become the second vice president.  Julia continues as a FERMA Board member.