Have you replied yet to the one-minute survey “Workers on the move – Managing new risks”? No? All you have to do is answer six short questions:

The survey is part of the research that FERMA is conducting with the International SOS Foundation into the changing nature of risks for a travelling workforce. The results, with practical recommendations, will be published at the FERMA Forum 2017 on 15-18 October.

“We observe that both the risks and the nature of business travellers are changing. This research will give us more information on managing those risks,” said the President of FERMA Jo Willaert. “For example, we want to find out how the sharing economy is affecting travellers and whether a more diverse travelling workers have issues that the traditional man with a briefcase or a hardhat did not. Is social media a factor? The more responses we have, the better we can focus on these trends and the ways that European risk managers can help their organisations.”