During its regular meeting on the 21st of January 2014, the AGERS Board of Directors, in accordance with its guidelines, unanimously decided to name Mr. Juan Carlos López Porcel, Director of Risk and Insurance for Southern Europe at ArcelorMittal, as the new President of the Association. This results in the new Presidency, with effect from the 1st of February 2014, being as follows:

Juan Carlos López Porcel

Juan Carlos López Porcel

– President: Mr. Juan Carlos López Porcel (ArcelorMittal Spain)

All other positions, such as those of the other Board members, will carry on as normal.

Outgoing President Miguel Ángel Zarandona, who will continue on the Board of Directors, has resigned from the Presidency after leaving his post as a Risk Manager to pursue a new challenge. The Board, on behalf of its associates, appreciates his continual support and dedication to the Association.

Mr. Juan Carlos López Porcel, who can rely on his extensive experience as a Risk Manager, has until now occupied the position of AGERS Vice President I, playing a very active role in various Risk Management committees and work groups. Mr. López Porcel, as AGERS President, will lead the development of the key AGERS 2.0 project taken on by the Board and its Executive Manager (Alicia Soler), in a special period celebrating AGERS’ 30 years of service to its associates and the sector in general.