Here is the latest update from FERMA project coordinator Véronique De Hertogh.

Véronique De Hertogh

Véronique De Hertogh


Since the last newsletter I have been fairly preoccupied with coordinating the opening of registrations for the Forum. The start has been great, and we already have more than 100 people registered. This means we are following the same development as in Stockholm and Prague in 2011 and 2009. We are using a new
registration system this year, and its sophistication required some explanation that we have added on the website.

Maastricht is a lovely city but I’m sure most of our participants are still wondering how to get there. Planes, trains and cars are all transportation means that can be used to reach the oldest Dutch city. To help out, I have made an overview on the different possibilities that has now been posted on the travel page of our website. A quick reminder: don’t forget to check the website on a regular basis at http://

One of the two keynote speakers, Karel Van Hulle, is booked, and we’re waiting to confirm the second. Our aim is to find people who will give a different view on risk with an “off the beaten track” perspective. No, it’s not going to be André Rieu, even though I’m sure his violin would have charmed the audience.

Another important job now that the registrations are open is to work with the national associations and local authorities to promote the Forum. A meeting has been planned in June with the City of Maastricht and the local chambers of commerce.

Since I only joined FERMA early this year, this will be my first Forum, but everyone tells me there’s a wonderful atmosphere and I’m looking forward to cycling around!