The replay of the FERMA Cyber Risk Masterclass is now available!


Is cyber risk a grey rhino? And could the pandemic be a black swan?

F-Secure’s Erka Koivunen approached cyber risk with this familiar effect to set the scene.
The FERMA Masterclass further featured perspectives from finance, management consulting and the European Commission.

Resilience from a banking point of view focuses on a digitized banking portfolio with the opportunities for customers and challenges during the pandemic. Arne Damvin from DNB ASA presented an example from Norway on how to secure business continuity.

Deloitte’s Rob Wainwright was speaking about the digital transformation and how it makes cyber risk more relavant at board level of organisations. Get some tips on how to deal with top management on cyber risk questions and why they should make it a priority.

For the EU perspective, Jakub Boratynski from the European Commission presented the EU’s cybersecurity strategy for the digital decade and explain how it aims to improve the current situation. Find out about its tools and actions and the why behind the strategy in the replay!


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