European insurance regulatory agency EIOPA has named Typhaine Beaupérin to a new term on the Insurance and Reinsurance Stakeholder Group (IRSG). Typhaine joined the stakeholder group in 2018 and will now serve for four years on the group which has been reconstituted.

Typhaine’s membership of this important EIOPA stakeholder group gives a strong voice for business insurance buyers in the development of European insurance regulation. FERMA has already successfully focused EIOPA’s attention on the importance of proportionality for small insurance entities, including captives. This is continuing during EIOPA’s ongoing review of Solvency II.

Currently, FERMA is also contributing to EIOPA’s exploration of possible insurance-based solutions for future pandemic risks. FERMA has shared with EIOPA its proposals for a public-private Catastrophe Risk Resilience Framework. Other topics on which FERMA comments include cyber insurance, artificial intelligence and sustainability.

Said Typhaine: “The health of the insurance market for business insurance is of profound importance to our members in the recovery from the current pandemic crisis and the economic upheaval that will follow.”

EIOPA considered 158 applications from 26 European countries, submitted following an open call to join the IRSG and its pensions stakeholder group. In its selection, EIOPA aimed to achieve geographical and gender balance, and an appropriate representation of different stakeholders. The new IRSG is composed of members from 19 different nationalities with 11 female members.