The International Federation of Risk Management Associations (IFRIMA) is to begin consideration of global certification of risk management skills and competence. Major members of IFRIMA, including FERMA, agreed to work together on the project when they met in April during the annual conference of US association RIMS.

Carl Leeman, IFRIMA president and a FERMA board member, said: “It is clear that many risk managers want some portable, internationally recognised confirmation of their skills and competence.

Our aim is to create an agreed international basis for certification. Regional and national associations will then be able to use this base to develop their own process knowing that they will receive global recognition. IFRIMA is the natural organisation to coordinate this

There will be a working group with representatives from all continents to develop a more elaborated scope for this project. Later on, every region or association will be able to customise and expand this basis to suit its own needs. The FERMA certification project, which is at a somewhat more advanced stage, would be part of the overall scheme.

For more information on IFRIMA, watch the video at Interview of Carl Leeman on IFRIMA