FERMA has agreed a change to its bylaws to accept two new categories of members: individuals and companies with an interest in European risk management who are not eligible to join an existing FERMA member association.

The decision by FERMA’s general assembly on 20 June followed a number of requests from individuals and companies with risks in Europe to become members so they can follow developments more closely. Until now membership has been limited to national risk management associations in Europe.

There will be no geographic restrictions on the location of these members; they could come from the United States, the Middle East and other parts of the world, including the few European countries which do not currently have a FERMA member association, such as Ireland or Austria.

The individuals will have to manage or oversee risk or insurance for their employer. Corporate members will need to have insurable interests in Europe and employ a risk or insurance manager. Insurance and reinsurance companies and brokers are not included.

These new members will not have voting rights in FERMA, but they will be able to take advantage of FERMA communications, contribute to the development of FERMA positions and participate as members in FERMA activities, such as the seminars, forums and conferences.

Pierre Sonigo

Pierre Sonigo

Pierre Sonigo, FERMA Secretary General, explained: “We know that individuals and companies who have an interest in managing risks in Europe would like to follow our activities more closely. Adding the voices of these members will help to strengthen our representation of the interests of managers of European risks in our dealings with the European Commission and other bodies.”

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