FERMA’s selection of recently published useful reports for risk managers.

Book: Enterprise Risk Management: Issues and Cases (English)
Jean-Paul Louisot and Christopher Ketcham, Wiley

Event report
Airmic conference 2014, a FERMA report
Download for free at https://www.ferma.eu/app/uploads/2014/07/airmic-conference-report.pdf

Conditions Precedent in Insurance Policies (English)
Airmic : Download free at: https://www.airmic.com/technical/library/conditions-precedent-insurance-policies
Efficacy of Business Insurance (English)
Airmic : Download free at: /broken-link/
Programs Internationales (Spanish)
Contact AGERS at gerencia@agers.es

AMRAE : Panorama des Systèmes d’Informations de Gestion de Risques (French) : Download free at : https://www.amrae.fr/panorama-sigr-2014-0

Loss adjusting
New challenges for Risk Managers, how loss adjusters can help (English)
Presentation by Julia Graham to FUEDI general assembly 2014

Risk management
ANRA News (Italian) : https://www.anra.it/portal/contenuti/rm-news/351/rm-news-33
AMRAE : Atout Risk Manager (French) : /broken-link/
BELRIM News (English/French/Flemish) : https://www.belrim.com/news/
DVS Die VersicherungsPraxis – Aktuelle Ausgabe (German) : /broken-link/
Airmic : Responding to Global Risks, a practical guide for business leaders :
Download free at: /broken-link/