I wish a successful and fruitful year to all FERMA members and colleagues. Our members have probably never been so active. The energy generated has a positive impact that is easily measured when we look at all the projects, reports and outcomes.

The FERMA team has not waited to start working on the 2014 agenda. Our survey is taking a new direction to innovate and better fulfil the expectations of the members to have a truly professional tool of reference. The survey team has been increased, and we are grateful for our partners’ enthusiasm and precious contributions.

This is also the year we celebrate our 40th anniversary with our members, supporters and friends at an exceptional dinner at the Seminar in October. It will be a unique occasion to remind you of some of the historical steps in the building of FERMA to its present position as the stakeholder for the European risk management profession. We have earned that recognition over time and are proud to represent our members.

We will continue our efforts during the year to contribute to issues that matter for the risk management profession, including the exciting subject of certification; to increase members’ knowledge and understanding; and to bring them closer to Brussels whenever possible. The FERMA board is very active and dedicated with a lot of fresh ideas, and it is currently discussing projects with our members to align and support our common strategic goals.