October was an exceptionally busy month for FERMA with the successful conference in Stockholm, the launch of the new logo and the new website. Thank you to all of you who joined us in Stockholm. I hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did.


Now back in the office, we are working on the next stage of the guidance on the 8th Company Law Directive with the European Confederation of Institutes of International Auditing (ECIIA). We intend to release it and present it to the press on December 14 in Brussels.  

We are planning our 2012 projects, among them the seminar and the benchmarking survey. A working group is already gathering. Paris and London are the two locations being explored as the venue for the seminar. The benchmarking survey, which will take place online in the spring of next year, has become the most authoritative view on the state of European risk management, so please do add your opinions when it is released.  


Florence Bindelle, Executive Manager

Florence Bindelle, Executive Manager

In terms of representing the interests of our members, I took part in a European Commission conference on the prevention and insurance of natural catastrophes on 18 October, and on 8 November Pierre Sonigo and I will attend the stakeholder and practitioner workshop on implementation of the environmental liability directive. Please let me know if you would like more information on either of these events.

FERMA will be promoting more education in risk management. As FERMA expands, it’s clear to us this is something members really welcome.

In terms of communication, we are currently looking at the strengthening our social media presence. Please include the #fermarisk hashtag in your own tweets, join the FERMA Risk Talk group at LinkedIn and check the website regularly. We are adding new content all the time.

Florence Bindelle,
Executive Manager