Jorge Luzzi, Director Group Risk for Pirelli worldwide, today (Wed) in Stockholm took over as President of the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) for the next two years. He succeeds Peter den Dekker who has served since 2009.

As his final act as President of FERMA, den Dekker presided over the most successful FERMA Risk Management Forum ever, with more than 1500 risk professionals, including risk managers and service providers, taking part in the three day event. He will remain on the board of FERMA.

Luzzi, who has been Vice President of FERMA for the last two years, said that he could define his imperatives over the next two years in three words: “communication, inter-action and innovation.” He stressed the importance of communication with and among FERMA’s growing membership, now 21 associations in 19 European countries, and likely to expand further. “With them FERMA should have a complete level of communication and transparency.”

He continued: “FERMA also needs to continue its communication with the European Commission and other European bodies, and with the companies whose risk managers that we represent.”

Luzzi highlighted FERMA’s commitment to social networking and called for active participation from member associations. “We want to have real time communication, and real time is real.”

He was anxious to stress that FERMA would not cut itself off from the insurance and broking community in which it began. “We will not forget our origins. We need to evolve and innovate while remaining in contact with insurers, reinsurers and brokers who give us continuing support.”

In his first remarks as President, Luzzi commented on the diversity of FERMA’s membership today, ranging from someone working in accounting with responsibility for insurance purchase to real chief officers. “FERMA should represent all of them and be an instrument to elevate their status.”

He paid tribute to den Dekker’s two years as President of FERMA by saying he would not do what politicians so often did, claiming that everything that had gone before was wrong and promising great reforms. Instead, he said, his predecessor had done “a great job” and FERMA was in good health. He also paid tribute to previous FERMA presidents and said he hoped to be able to reach the same level as they had done.

Peter den Dekker (left) and Jorge Luzzi (right)

Peter den Dekker (left) and Jorge Luzzi (right)

Future FERMA events

The next FERMA Forum will take place in Maastricht in the Netherlands in the autumn of 2013. The next FERMA seminar, its risk managers only event, which will be held in Paris or London in the autumn of 2012.