Isabel MartinezMs. Mª Isabel Martínez Torre-Enciso has been appointed Vice-President of the ACdP (Asociación Católica de Propagandistas) taking over from Mr. Emilio Navarro. The ACdP is a century-old association that currently includes important institutions such as the Residence Hall San Pablo, the “Abad Oliba” Foundation, “Angel Herrera Oria” Cultural Foundation, “Andalucia San Pablo CEU” Foundation, “San Pablo CEU Castilla y Leon” or the “San Pablo CEU” University Foundation. The President, Carlos Romero Caramelo reminds us that “the ACdP is the holding body of other companies and institutions that form the most important private group dedicated to education in Spain with very well-known brands such as “CEU”.

Dr. Martínez Torre-Enciso is Professor of Corporate Finance and, among other things, member of the Board of Directors of AGERS (Asociación Española de Gerencia de Riesgos y Seguros, Madrid) and FERMA (Federation of European Risk Management Associations, Brussels).