Fady Khawam, senior enterprise risk manager for ABYAT Megastore Co. ( , the largest retail store group in the Middle East, has been accepted as an individual member of FERMA and will attend the FERMA Seminar in Brussels in October. ABYAT, which sells all types of building materials, fittings and home furnishings from large stores in Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, is now planning to expand into the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Europe and elsewhere. It is this expansion into Europe that encouraged Fady to apply for membership of FERMA.

Fady Khawan

Fady Khawan

“We are going outside our own territory, and risk management is different from area to area and from country to country. I wanted to join an association so I can understand how risk management works in European countries. I had been reading a lot about FERMA and when it became possible to join as an individual member, I persuaded my boss that it would be good for our business,” he explained.

Fady has an insurance background, having studied insurance sciences and then worked as a broker. Further studies in risk management, however, interested him so much that he decided on a change in career. He is now looking forward to attending the FERMA Seminar in Brussels on 20-21 October and meeting risk managers from across Europe.

FERMA Executive Director Florence Bindelle says, “We are delighted to welcome Fady to FERMA. We created individual and corporate memberships just so that risk managers and companies from outside Europe can learn about risk management in Europe. We will also benefit from the exchange with them.”

Attend the FERMA Seminar 2014 for free: it is not too late to apply for individual and corporate membership of FERMA and attend the 2014 FERMA Seminar for free. Risk managers and companies from outside FERMA member countries who have an interest in risk management in Europe are eligible. For more information, visit the FERMA website at or contact Christel Jaumoulle at