The new President of FERMA Dirk Wegener will prioritise lobbying at European level on behalf of European risk management associations and their members as one of his first tasks.

Dirk Wegener took over as President of FERMA from Jo Willaert at the FERMA European Risk Management Forum in Berlin.

He said: “Following the European elections, the European institutions are currently about to define their objectives for the period 2019 to 2024. We have already set out our key priorities for the European institutions in our FERMA manifesto, which calls for European leadership under four pillars:
  • digital transformation;
  • a secure transition to a sustainable economy;
  • risk management education and
  • a stable insurance market.

Also as part of FERMA’s strategic plan, said Wegener, he and the board have two other priorities during his presidency. One is to strengthen its network of European risk management associations. The second is to promote the professional level in risk management in Europe, especially increasing the number of risk managers who hold the FERMA certification qualification, Rimap.”

Wegener said that he will carry forward the theme of the Forum Aim for the Future: entering a New Dimension of Risk into his presidency. “Aim for the future: entering a new dimension of risk, is a good statement of my vision for my mandate as president. It means that FERMA is committed to actively support the risk management profession to achieve its full potential in digital transformation and in a sustainable world.”

In his handover to Wegener, Jo Willaert said: “My four years as President of FERMA have been among the most important and interesting of my life. FERMA is today in a strong position and I believe that our new President Dirk Wegener and the board will take FERMA further forward as we face a new dimension in risk. I believe the themes I chose for my presidency: education, communication and leadership remain as relevant as ever.”

Wegener thanked Jo Willaert for his enormous contribution to FERMA and the risk management community. He said: “We have all benefitted from Jo’s skills, his time and his enthusiasm. He has a wonderful way of bringing people together and has done so over the last four years as FERMA President. I am privileged to follow him.”