On the 24th of April the 2014-2015 Professional Development Programme for Risk Managers will begin in London. The event has been jointly organised by FERMA (Federation of European Risk Management Associations) and Lloyd’s, in conjunction with AGERS (Spanish Association of Insurance and Risk Management).

Picture AGERS


The Programme will take place in Lloyd’s’ London headquarters and will consist of three modules, each lasting two days. Topics covered will include “Lloyd’s Market”, its desire, risk management, international insurance legislation, natural disasters and emerging risks. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to network with peers from the sector.

With the professional development of its associates in mind, AGERS circulated information regarding the programme to its members and young Risk Managers so that any interested individuals could apply to participate, believing that the sessions would give them the chance to gain new knowledge and experience as well as the networking opportunities.

Of the 23 candidates selected, there are several Spanish Risk Managers, including Esperanza Pereira Fernández (AENA), Teresa Lozano Martín-Buro (Enagás), Cristina Gutiérrez Pérez (Recreativos IMAR) and Mario Ramírez Ortúzar (CLH), all of whom are part of AGERS’ Risk Managers Group.

Juan Arsuaga, Managing Director of Lloyd’s Iberia, brought together this group of young Spanish Risk Managers at the beginning of April, passing on his support and expressing his interest in the development of risk management within companies. He said “in a mature risk market such as Spain, we continue to rely on the presence of expert professionals in the Risk Management discipline hence why initiatives such as this are created”.

AGERS President Juan Carlos López Porcel said “these initiatives are a powerful tool for spreading the awareness of Risk Management and prevention and also provide a great incentive to promote talent between young professionals, without forgetting that they serve to increase the knowledge of all those dedicated to risk management. For those reasons, AGERS has devoted time to assist in the preparation of the programme which will without doubt be a great success”.