Seminar 2012 venue announced:
Versailles, France
22 & 23 October 2012
Benchmarking survey to start in early spring


Versailles Tourist Office/C. Milet

The historic French city of Versailles will be the venue for the 2012 FERMA Seminar on 22 and 23 October. The Seminar, which takes place in alternate years from the FERMA Forum, is the occasion for the announcement of the results of the biannual risk management benchmarking survey.

A city on the western edge of Paris, Versailles is best known for its vast royal palace with its mirrored hall and its gardens built in the late 17th century by King Louis XIV. The seminar will not take place in the palace – but in the dedicated congress centre with views of it.

FERMA considered both Paris and London for the 2012 Seminar. Its reasons for choosing Versailles were exclusive use of an attractive conference centre with sufficient room for more than 400 delegates, easy access from central Paris and the quality of the location.

This is the also first FERMA event to take place in France, and since most of the members of the French association AMRAE are based in Paris, FERMA hopes to attract risk managers who do not regularly attend FERMA events. The 2010 Seminar in London was very successful in interesting members of the UK association Airmic. Both AMRAE and Airmic were keen to host the Seminar, and FERMA is grateful for their support.

More information on the Seminar, including accommodation and transport, will be provided in the new year.

Axa Corporate Solutions and Ernst & Young have confirmed that they will again sponsor the FERMA risk management benchmarking survey, the widest research into the status and implementation of risk management in Europe. Planning is taking place over the next few months, and the launch is expected in early spring.

With the experience of five previous surveys, FERMA and its partners are looking to deepen the value of the results with interviews with senior executives to capture stakeholders’ expectations of risk management and possible future developments. The aim, says FERMA Executive Manager Florence Bindelle, is to make the results very useful for FERMA members.

The themes will be similar to previous surveys with an emphasis on the implementation of risk governance and processes and risk maturity. There will also be a question on the deployment of the FERMA-ECIIA Guidance on the 8th EU Company Law Directive. In 2012, FERMA hopes to top the record number of 782 responses received from risk professionals in companies and public organisations across 19 countries in Europe.

From a practical perspective, FERMA and the partners are looking at ways at making it simpler for members to respond to the questions and at increasing the number of languages in which the survey is available.