Major changes to London market practice are imminent, with the most radical reforms to English insurance law for over 100 years now under way. It is vital that all European risk managers who insure risks in the London market, or who insure internationally with UK law policies, understand these changes.

A masterclass chaired by Airmic Chief Executive, John Hurrell, will explain the new legal landscape and how the changes will affect buyers’ interactions with the London market and their brokers. Questions to be addressed in the session include:

  • What changes are being made to the duty of disclosure in London market policies?
  • What are the consequences of getting it wrong and how to mitigate that risk?
  • What changes are being made to the way in which key policy terms operate, in particular warranties?
  • What are the operational consequences for me and my company – what will risk managers need to do differently?
  • How will the change in the law change the way risk managers and brokers interact?

Unlike the other Seminar discussions, the primary objective of this master class is for experts to share information on the legal and practice changes that are to take place. There will also be an opportunity for risk managers to discuss what they currently do, how they work with their brokers and what they can expect to be different.