Mikhail Rogov
Dr. Associate Professor
Vice President RusRisk

Mikhail Rogov - Dr. Associate Professor, Vice President RusRisk, Russia


According to Mikhail Rogov the three survey questions most relevant to his work relate to:

  1. Tools, methods, techniques, data sources
  2. Risk appetite approach and examples
  3. Risk management effectiveness measurement

Perhaps it is not surprising that he adds, “These are also the topics I would like to see covered in future surveys.

Asked how he plans to use the survey results, Mikhail said they will serve as a reference for implementing advanced tools, for benchmarking risk management maturity and for comparative analysis of undetected risks.

Among the topics which he believes are most important for risk management in Russia today, Mikhail includes political and macro-economic risks, improvements to the collection and use of data, convergence of financial and enterprise risk management and the human factor.

He makes a comment about the structure of the questions: “Really it was rather hard to me to differentiate such risk areas as planning and execution and corporate governance. How can planning and execution be good enough if governance has failed?”