Risk Managers can be key actors in highlighting to the organisation leadership the opportunities and challenges of AI technologies

On 19 May, the objective of this webinar was to discuss:

  • How AI can be implemented into the risk management practices?
  • Which opportunities is AI creating for better risk management?
  • What are the highlights of the European Commission’s  risk-based approach to Artificial Intelligence?

Speakers were:

  • Philippe Cotelle, Head of Insurance Risk Management at Airbus Defence and Space and FERMA Board member, highlighted the key findings from FERMA’s report on “AI applied to Risk Management”.
  • Irina Orssich and Eric Badiqué are both working for the European Commission as Team leader and Adviser for Artificial Intelligence in the Unit for Technologies and Systems for Digitising Industry. They presented the Commission’s White Paper on AI and the other EU initiatives which aim at strengthening the EU legal framework regarding AI applications, especially in the field of privacy.



Questions from the audience

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