Until the pandemic, corporate attention on supply chains tended to concentrate on the issues of cost and efficiency. With COVID19, the focus has turned toward resilience.

It is essential for businesses to understand the potential for disruption to their supply chains, not just to the continuity of supplies but also to possible decreases or increases in demand. Among the lessons so far from the current crisis is that to protect the supply chain, both risk management and business continuity management play a role. They are complementary; one reduces the exposures and the other strengthens recovery.

Few companies were prepared for an event of the extent of COVID19. Yet, there will be others, perhaps not pandemic but cyber risk or climate change related. There is plenty of room for improvement.

Moderator: Jerome Avot, Group Risk Officer & Data Protection Officer, Faurecia.

Speakers: Federica Livelli, Risk Management & Business Continuity Consultant, and Pascal Matthey, Marine Risk Consulting Manager, AXA XL

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