The European Risk Manager Profile 2020

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For its 10th edition, the 2020 European Risk Manager Survey collected responses from 764 risk managers in 34 countries.

Cyber risks remain dominant in the minds of risk managers, and economic instability is a critical issue. Risk managers are also increasingly concerned about the sustainability of their organisations in the long term and the consequences of climate change and natural catastrophes. With the hardening of the insurance market, alternative forms of risk transfer and finance, including captives, are becoming more attractive. This year’s report is now available to download on our website.

The data in this report were collected from an anonymous web-based survey distributed through FERMA’s 22 member associations and the PwC European network between January and March 2020.
Responses were received from 764 respondents in 34 countries aggregated into 3 clusters: click here for 2020 methodology and survey respondents. 

  • Western Europe (76%): Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Vatican City
  • Central and Eastern Europe (7%): Albania, Armenia, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Lithuania,
    Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey
  • Northern Europe (17%): Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

The dominance of Western European responses (76%) limited the ability to draw conclusions based on geography. We also acknowledge that the comparatively strong response from France and limited response from the UK could affect certain aspects of the results.

The survey included 56 questions divided into 6 categories:
• European Risk Manager Profile (13 questions);The risk manager’s education and the increasing importance of certification
Insurance Management and Captives (10 questions);
Risk Management and Strategy (10 questions);
Risk Management and Sustainable Economy (4 questions);
Risk Management and Innovation (12 questions);
Risk Management and Other Lines of Defence (7 questions).

Some questions are triggered by the answers to others. Thus, the number of respondents can vary from one question to another. In addition, some questions allowed multiple choices, so the responses may add up to more than 100% in some cases.
The report comprises a detailed description of the survey respondents, a summary of how risk managers saw risks in 2020 prior to the Covid-19 crisis, analysis of answers to the sets of questions listed above and country files summarising the data per country (some countries were grouped when the number of respondents was not significant).

Results per County

Please click on below countries files summarizing the data per country or per cluster for countries with risk management association’s members of FERMA.

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